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June 2015

Posters & Multi-Lingual

Our team of designers can design posters of various sizes, shapes and with a variety of content. In addition we retain several vendors to assist us in translating your message to your community.

Logo Design

Our team can design a Logo to help identify your Campaign, PAC or Organization. We can then use the logo for your website, campaign literature and posters to help "market" your campaign.

Introductory Mailer

For the City Council Candidate we designed a introductory piece that would also serve as a self-mailer. Design assistance was provided by The Orchard Design Group.

GOTV Pieces

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign literature is your final attempt to make a message stick. In some cases due to budgetary concerns we design pieces that are meant to convey where to find the candidate on the ballot.

Gender Appeal

Sometimes the simplest graphic conveys the concept much easier than 1000 words. In this piece we emphasized our candidate's gender, but also her effectiveness as a business and community leader.

Community Appeal

The City Council District is a large geographical area and we designed pieces to appeal to specific communities with specific issues that are important to that community.

Palm Cards

Palm Cards are the primary piece for any campaign. Surely these pieces which are usually tossed away still need to make an impression. With visual POP and appeal we design Palm Cards to make a connection with the voters.