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June 2015

Posters & Multi-Lingual

Our team of designers can design posters of various sizes, shapes and with a variety of content. In addition we retain several vendors to assist us [...]

Logo Design

Our team can design a Logo to help identify your Campaign, PAC or Organization. We can then use the logo for your website, campaign literature and [...]

Introductory Mailer

For the City Council Candidate we designed a introductory piece that would also serve as a self-mailer. Design assistance was provided by The Orchard Design Group.

GOTV Pieces

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign literature is your final attempt to make a message stick. In some cases due to budgetary concerns we design pieces [...]

Gender Appeal

Sometimes the simplest graphic conveys the concept much easier than 1000 words. In this piece we emphasized our candidate's gender, but also her effectiveness as a business [...]

Community Appeal

The City Council District is a large geographical area and we designed pieces to appeal to specific communities with specific issues that are important to that [...]

Palm Cards

Palm Cards are the primary piece for any campaign. Surely these pieces which are usually tossed away still need to make an impression. With visual POP [...]

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